"The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy."

~ Yves Saint-Laurent



This page offers resources and some advice on how we, as consumers or those in the beauty industry, can be better when it comes to our planet. Recycling and understanding what is overloading our landfills and oceans can help us begin the reversal process of the damage we’ve done so far. We can do the work at home but also in our purchasing power. You can hold brands accountable for their environmental actions. Check out Green with Envi to see where you can do your part.


I feel very strongly about embracing and living in a diverse world. Being an ally to those that need it is one of the best ways I can help create that world. The Be an Ally page offers resources, education and donation suggestions surrounding social injustice. There’s so much work to still be done. I will always be adding to this page as I keep learning and I would love to hear your suggestions and even stories.  Beauty is not just skin deep because we become better people a healthier society when we are able to live and work together!


#METOO (coming soon)